A modern, highly configurable ATS will streamline and automate the recruitment process, freeing up employers' time to focus on building and growing a quality workforce.

But finding and implementing a new ATS solution should be a team effort. Getting your key stakeholders on board from the beginning is essential for successful adoption. Sit down with them, ask about their goals and pain points, then together draw up a list of very specific requirements to use during market research. Keep your candidate experience front of mind!

Before inviting suppliers in for demonstrations, try to collect references that can attest to their ability to deliver results. Use your requirements as a basis for your scoring system and run small scale trials first. Make sure representatives of all your stakeholders take part in the decision-making process.

Look for flexibility when choosing your supplier. You don’t want to be locked into a solution that can’t be adapted later on. Technology should support the way a business operates, as opposed to imposing a particular way of working.


Have constant communication with your supplier, in the form of workshops, one-to-one meetings, phone and online support. Keep them informed of any concerns or changes to your requirements and don’t be afraid to seek out their guidance and support.