The Importance of the Candidate and User Experience when Screening

It can cost an employer up to £7,250 to recruit a skilled worker. But with 75% of all applications containing inaccurate information, hiring the wrong person could result in fines, reputational damage, antisocial behaviour and increased staff churn. A robust, pre-employment screening process is necessary to avoid these risks, especially when hiring at speed and high volume.

  • Screening is relevant across every industry, as it:

- enhances candidate experience and staff retention,

- is compliant with law,

- safeguards business reputation,

- produces better quality hires, quicker.

  • Manual screening can be time-consuming. Outsourcing it may improve efficiency but can lead to poor candidate experience and high costs. Automation has brought about the new wave of screening
  • The benefits of automated screening include:

- improved time to hire,

- better visibility when tracking and controlling the candidate journey,

- reduced manual tasks, admin and costs,

- accessible KPIs and reporting,

- compliance.

  • The candidate screening process is also a great opportunity to promote employer branding to new hires and any external stakeholders who receive communication
  • Candidates who go through a well-structured screening and onboarding are 69% more likely to stay for up to three years in the role and have 54% greater productivity rates.
  • Use the following core checks to safeguard your business:

- identity of candidate,

- right to work,

- criminal data,

- qualifications,

- referencing.

Don’t lose candidates through delayed time to hire and clunky applications. An automated screening process will provide them with a quick and seamless experience, while also exposing them to your employer brand. Meanwhile, you are guaranteed to bring relevant and high quality talent through the door quicker and more efficiently. Check out Access Screening’s 10-step candidate screening checklist to get started.

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Adam Lindsay, Channel Manager, Access Screening

"The Importance of the Candidate and User Experience when Screening"