Social media has become one of the widest reaching mediums to engage with relevant candidates and build segmented talent pools. Use targeted video advertising on these channels to rise above the noise, engage candidates quicker and make them feel more connected to your brand.

Candidates also want to see a diverse workforce represented in the attraction campaign. Communicate your inclusive hiring programmes openly and show that you are representative of the communities you serve. Partner with local organisations to help you discover untapped talent.

Recruiting the wrong candidates could be detrimental to your business, resulting in fines, damaged reputation, antisocial behaviour and increased staff churn. Fortunately, advances in background screening automation can minimise these risks.

Technological change can only happen when the entire business is ready for it. Engage key stakeholders and find out how technology can address their pain points. Involve them in the implementation process and make sure they undergo any necessary training. Choose a vendor who understands your business and can offer tailor-made solutions to your recruitment needs.

But while automation can help provide candidates with a more seamless and transparent recruitment experience, it will never be able to replace a recruiter’s human touch.