Diversity & Inclusion: Creating an Impact, Whatever your Budget

Diversity & Inclusion has come a long way in the past 10 years, from a simple statement on a company's careers website to becoming a proven enabler of business success. But taking the right first step is critical. Triodos Bank has set out to better reflect its local community and the industry it operates in. Talent Acquisition Manager, Dan Foster, shares his award-winning team’s approach:

  • An analysis of Triodos’ internal and external communities was done, to identify the D&I initiatives that were going to have the greatest impact on both.
  • Following the analysis, the strategy was broken down into 5 key focus areas: gender, ethnicity, disability, LGBTQ+ and inclusive initiatives.
  • Gender: constantly reviewing recruitment processes, monitoring gender pay and promoting progression opportunities for all co-workers. A goal was set to achieve at least 30% representation of either gender at management, senior management, and Board level.
  • Ethnicity: the team is working towards a goal of 10% BAME representation in its employee population and in 5% of management population, by 2021.
  • Disability: becoming accredited as a Disability Confident employer to strengthen overall inclusivity and ensure workplace accessibility for disabled candidates and co-workers.
  • LGBTQ+: ensuring protection against workplace discrimination in all countries, while strengthening overall Employer Brand positioning as an inclusive organisation.
  • A number of inclusive initiatives have been set up to encompass all areas of diversity promoted at Triodos, such as internal training on unconscious bias, equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as partnering with external organisations to provide support and help grow future talent.

Triodos Bank has grown by 45% within its first 3 years, which has not been possible without its continuous commitment to better reflect the local community and industry it serves. Its multiple D&I initiatives have already helped the bank reach some of its goals, like a 51% female employee population (with 33% in senior management).

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Dan Foster, Talent Acquisition Manager, Triodos Bank
"Diversity & Inclusion: Creating an Impact through Internal Investment and External Partnerships, Whatever your Budget"