How to Embed Technological Change, Ignite a Cultural Shift and Really Make an Impact

“Technology is everywhere.” Every organisation today is undertaking some form of digital transformation. But change isn’t just about technology — it’s also about people and processes. And getting people’s buy-in for change is often more challenging than implementing change. Alison Miller, Talent & Resourcing Team Leader at Lincolnshire County Council shares how embedding technological change can never be a one-man mission:

  • Every year Lincolnshire County Council process almost 12,000 applications, invite 3,287 candidates to an interview and make 700+ hires.
  • The biggest challenge that needed addressing was getting the right talent in at the right time. The Council needed a technological solution to process all applications, in order to free up their recruiters’ time to spend on more value-adding activities like sourcing and attracting.
  • Alison and her team worked with Hirserve to tailor their ATS and help hiring managers self-serve the system. They now have complete autonomy over the job posts, monitoring all incoming applications, booking interviews and making hiring decisions on their own.
  • This solution has enabled the recruitment team to spend more time doing extensive market research, sourcing and attracting hard-to-reach candidates, while also acting as strategic advisors to hiring managers.
  • But this has not been possible without first engaging hiring managers and business directors, to learn about their biggest HR concerns. 
  • Alison and her team held a series of workshops to get stakeholders on board with the new ATS solution, addressing their expectations from the system and how to best move it forward.

If we want to survive in today’s digital transformation, we need to adapt to change, Alison concludes. She lists 3 key phases of technological change:

  1. Prepare – know what you want to change, explore the market and get your key stakeholders’ buy-in.
  2. Manage – involve stakeholders throughout the entire implementation process to keep them engaged with the solution.
  3. Reinforce – always keep your system up to date and shout about your successes.

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Alison Miller, Talent & Resourcing Team Leader, Lincolnshire County Council

"How to Embed Technological Change, Ignite a Cultural Shift and Really Make an Impact!"