Robot vs Recruiter: Do We Need to Panic Yet?

When deciding to make the bold move into a new job, jobseekers today are faced with a number of concerns:

- moving into a worse environment, 

- feeling misrepresented in the recruitment process,

- not knowing where they are in the process, 

- starting and failing on the new job.
But candidate engagement expert and founder of The Searchologist, Katrina Collier believes that a recruiter’s job will never be threatened if they remember to always address these concerns, with a human touch.

  • A positive recruitment experience can be the decisive factor in a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer. So always keep an eye on your online reviews, Katrina advises. “Get people off the reviews sites, and into your inboxes talking to you about their issues.”
  • Use social media to get the attention of your target talent. Make your LinkedIn profile visible to connections beyond first degree, so prospective candidates can get more insight into who you are and connect with you.
  • Set your details on Facebook to represent your passions and your interests. And make sure you join relevant recruitment groups. Then get your hiring community to do the same. Look knowledgeable and deserving of your candidates’ time.
  • Use Instagram as a recruitment marketing tool. Have your own hashtag showing real moments from your office. Authentic storytelling will give candidates social proof that you look after your people.
  • “We have no right to complain about candidates ghosting us.” Acknowldegde the time and effort they put into applying. Use automation to keep them posted on their progress and send them personalised feedback if they are further down the funnel.
  • With onboarding becoming a central piece in candidate experience, tools like Enboarder can get people engaged and involved with their new job quicker. But having a buddy or a mentor programme, where they can interact and learn from an employee will help them warm up to the team even better.

Robot proof recruiters put the human first, provide empathy and compassion, and keep technology firmly in its supporting role. There is so much noise online today that a robot doing sourcing for you is never going to get candidates’ attention! Make their experience better by making time for human touch to convert them into applicants and then into successful hires.

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Katrina Collier, Candidate Engagement Author & Speaker, The Searchologist

"Robot vs Recruiter: Do We Need To Panic Yet?"