Rules of Attraction – Hiring and Retaining the Best Talent

There are currently more than half a million job ads active in the UK, in a time with the lowest unemployment rate on record. Employers must get into the minds of their target candidates if they want to attract the best in the market (not on the market). Below, Events & research Manager, Neil Millett, shares his rules of talent attraction and retention, following a study of 4,000 UK jobseekers’ employment expectations:

  • A jobseeker’s key motivations for job search are

- salary,

- getting a fresh start in their career,

- or just a curiosity to see what’s on the market in order to assess their value.

  • The top mediums used for job search are:

- job boards (43%),

- search engines (29%),

- company website (24%),

- recruitment agencies (23%).

  • 56% of applications take place on mobile.
  • Recruitment is becoming increasingly like customer service. 73% of jobseekers agree a negative recruitment experience will impact their perception of the company. 38% will share that experience with peers and 33% won’t use the company’s product or service again.
  • 75% expect confirmation of application and 78% expect to be informed of unsuccessful application. Automation can help address these expectations and make applicants feel like their time is valued.
  • 73% expect to be interviewed within a fortnight and 91% expect to be in job within 3 weeks. This shows a disconnect between jobseeker expectations and what recruiters are able to deliver. We need to better articulate our recruitment timelines.
  • 25% felt discriminated at some stage in their search for work. It is imperative that we not just make our commitments to diversity visible but also demonstrate them across the entire recruitment lifecycle

While salary remains a main motivator for job search, people (especially the younger generation) are looking to establish a deeper connection with their employer. Company culture a well as career development opportunities need to be reflected in candidate comms, as well as work/life balance, health and wellness benefits, and a proven dedication for diversity and inclusion.

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Neil Millett, Events & Research Manager,
"Rules of Attraction – Hiring and Retaining the Best Talent"