Bespoke Service

Bespoke Services

Offering a bespoke service has enabled the continued growth of the CareersinAudit Group job boards. With an appreciation of every company’s unique needs, our experienced team of sales and marketing experts approach every campaign differently and work directly with clients to nail a tailored and effective recruitment strategy every time. Whilst our global CV database may be the perfect approach for one employer, our team of experts look to a host of considerations when suggesting the best campaign, along with the background and skills of the candidates required.

Content campaigns are the latest offering, providing employers with the chance to shout about the benefits of working for them whilst introducing job opportunities. It’s a more subtle sell but once the candidates have bought into the company and its culture, they will be more open to applying for jobs.

Whether video campaigns are best for your company or the use of advertorials, the CareersinAudit Group has seen first-hand the benefits of the storytelling approach through various high return campaigns. Shifting employment climates has left compelling content and visual mediums best to attracting top talent and these campaigns are live for a full 12 months to ensure the employers receive a constant flow of passive and active jobseekers clicking through to their own career pages.