Introduction and the CareersinAudit Group have been pioneers within the niche job board industry for over fourteen years and have arguably strode ahead of competitors in the process.

Over these fourteen years, the CareersinAudit Group has expanded beyond audit to operate five interconnected job boards covering audit, risk, compliance, analytics and cybersecurity. These five boards have a global reach with roles in ninety-nine percent of countries worldwide for professionals from graduates to director level. With a combined loyal subscriber base of over 230,000 active professionals, the CareersinAudit Group has seen their unique engagement strategy attracting and retaining professionals in a way unobtainable by those jack-of-all-trade sites.

Whilst the job board extinction may be anticipated by doom-sayers, the CareersinAudit Group know that with investment and constant evolution, niche job boards will not only survive in the digital age but thrive.