Diversity is Good for Business

The country is currently facing its highest ever employment rate. While the recent growth in immigration (particularly from the EU) has contributed majorly to the rise in employment, low fertility rates across Britain are moving us to a world where skillsets are not getting enhanced and labour scarcity is growing. Neil Carberry shares best practice on how in-house recruiters can support growth by promoting diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace:

  • 72% of permanent hires come from former employees and word of mouth. British businesses are not doing enough to mainstream their Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Employers need to grow and diversify their talent pools, otherwise their business won’t survive.
  • We must understand how employees think, relax, settle, belong and work in teams. People will be less innovative and communicative in high stress workplaces, but retention and productivity will increase when teams interact in their free times (taking breaks together, finding common interest).
  • Employees who are engaged with their job and place of work will have 18% higher productivity.
  • Engagement is a D&I challenge, making a difference on how people feel and perform at work. It should be addressed throughout the entire business, not just at HR level.
  • Recruiters should be increasingly recognised for their strategic advisory role. They help map out workforce demands, grow people into roles, challenge preconceptions and support colleagues. 

Central to attracting and recruiting the right person for the role is the awareness that greater diversity and inclusion is the right and financially wise thing to do. Employees who feel a sense of inclusion and belonging in the workplace will drive up productivity and innovation rates. Similarly, an inclusive workplace will help attract more diverse talent. Recruiters need to take a strategic leadership role to help address D&I as a business-wide initiative.

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Neil Carberry, CEO, Recruitment & Employment Confederation

"Diversity is Good for Business"