Exclusive Future Talent Insight: Gender Disparity & Social Mobility

Every year, the experts at Milkround publish a Candidate Compass Report giving some great insight into the graduate market to bridge the gap between employers and candidate expectations. This year, the team surveyed 7,000 students and graduates on their thoughts and fears entering the working world. Below, Georgie Brazier and Lucy Warren share some of this year’s findings:

  • Just under a third of respondents believe university has prepared them to be confident at work and enter their first job with the skills they need.
  • A gender gap in perceptions is already evident from early careers:

- 33% females v 23% males cite lack of confidence as a barrier to their dream career,

- 19% females v 13% males cite mental health as a barrier, 

- 20% females v 9% males fear they will underperform in their first job.

  • 1 in 3 respondents consider they have mental health issues, of which 78% are female. 

- 44% feel they can’t reveal mental health to the employer.

  • Only 15% of students surveyed receive free school meals,

- Of these, 13% believe they will earn over £35,000 within their first 5 years in employment.

  • On a more positive note, 83% of respondents feel confident they will break into their dream career after university.
  • Milkround share top tips for improving social mobility and diversity in graduate recruitment: 

- challenge structurally created beliefs – do what you can to offer and encourage opportunities across gender age, ethnicity and race,

- encourage those who may be experiencing Imposter Syndrome to go for promotions, 

- create an environment of communication to ensure that no-one gets barricaded into a corner, otherwise graduates might feel underpaid, undervalued and exhausted.

Milkround’s study reveals an insightful look into the minds of the future generation of talent, with an aim to help employers address some of their biggest fears and expectations. While it is inspiring to see students and grads feel they can crack into the industry early and have an ambition to go for what they want, more needs to be done for social mobility in the workplace.

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Georgie Brazier, Marketing Manager & Lucy Warren, Marketing Executive, Milkround

"Exclusive Future Talent Insight: Gender Disparity & Social Mobility"