Identifying, Encouraging and Supporting Women in Tech

Diversity & Inclusion is one of the biggest challenges facing the tech industry today, from talent pipelining to building inclusive products and services. AI and machine learning are about to launch us into a revolution the scale of the Industrial Revolution and to avoid bias, we need more women writing the algorithms, Anthony Sherick claims:

  • 1 in 20 females choose to study a STEM subject in A-levels.
  • 7% of computer science students in the UK are female.
  • 17% of the entire UK tech workforce is female.
  • Employers must work together with government and schools to help grow female tech talent from a young age.
  • Internal training can also help organisations upskill their existing workforce to fill those gender gaps.
  • When asked what attracted them to a career in technology, current female talent listed the positive impact, the day-to-day excitement of the job and the perks on offer.
  • Employers should reach out their existing female tech talent to understand the perks that attracted them to the job and use those in their attraction campaigns (eg flexible hours, equal pay, learning & development opportunities). 
  • Anthony also recommends some additional ways to encourage more women into tech jobs: 

- Talk about your diversity targets and company-wide objectives,

- Analyse copy in your adverts to ensure they are gender neutral,

- Introduce diversity support networks and internal role models,

- Target career returners,

- Attend key industry events to build conversations,

- Look at key market benchmarks to set best practice.

The number of working women in technology is significantly lower than most other UK work sectors. Given this finite talent pool, employers, schools and government bodies must work together to make technology an attractive and welcoming industry for women and young girls. But diversity attraction is a long-term game to build advocacy, brand positioning and referrals.

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Anthony Sherick, Director, Women in Tech

"Identifying, Encouraging and Supporting Women in Tech"