With academic success no longer the most accurate metric to guarantee expertise in the workplace and with an increasing number of young people considering alternative routes to their careers, the 2019 Early Careers In-house Recruitment Conference explored the many different shapes a modern and successful early careers programme can take.

Our speakers showed that employers should first understand what it is young people are looking for in a job and build their attraction campaigns accordingly.

Know your audience, segment them carefully and target your attraction. Digital is the future for early careers recruitment but events are a great opportunity to engage with diverse and hard-to-reach candidates.

Look for rich and authentic sources of content when reaching out to your target talent. Find your most passionate employees and ask them about their experiences, explore what makes them tick every day at work and use that to build your content. Early talent will respond to stories and characters they can relate to.

Only 1 in 4 companies are currently investing in their onboarding programme. But building an exceptional experience for new joiners at point of offer will create a great sense of belonging, which is vital for early talent.