"Why Don’t You Love Us?" - Expedia's Intern Hiring Journey

Expedia Global Early Talent Manager, Adam Tachauer, closed our conference reflecting on how, even with a well established programme to integrate early talent, successes can’t always translate on a global scale. Last year, the global travel tech company was placed 6th in the UK on Rate My Placement but “it was naïve to think because we’re one team, sharing the same corporate values and a centralised management function, these winnings will translate in the whole of EMEA.”

In the same year, Expedia saw large declines in internship offers in France and reneges in Italy. Hiring experiences and the understanding of your EVP can differ from person to person, Adam explained. “We needed clarity on what we were offering in all of our markets. We needed to make it easier for people to say yes, not because of our product but because of what we offer to our employees.”

“Ask yourself what does good look like? Be ambitious. Therein lies design thinking.” For Expedia, good meant building a scalable programme with defined skills, set expectations on candidate profiles and applications for all areas they worked in. It meant building relevant career events and content to attract high performing candidates and replying to their application within a week.

Adam and his team looked inside the business to get a diversity of perspectives on why candidates should apply to Expedia. They collected employee testimonials across all of Expedia’s travel brands to build meaningful and informative content. They also trained interview managers on bias and empathy to empower decision making and address blindspots. In the end, an honest attraction piece and an efficient recruitment experience will translate into success in any country.

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Adam Tachauer, Expedia Group, Manager Global Early Talent EMEA, Expedia Group

"Why Don’t You Love Us?"