How Onboarding Can Transform Your Candidate Engagement Strategy

A lot of companies invest in employer branding, assessment and attraction but this investment wears off at point of offer. An often overlooked but essential step in the candidate lifecycle is onboarding but currently only 1 in 4 companies have invested in their onboarding programme, Anne Adam, Client Partner at CA3 said.

Developing an exceptional experience for new joiners will help build that sense of belonging, which is especially crucial for early talent. We all want to feel like we are part of a group or an organisation, and as a result will be much more motivated, engaged and productive at work because of it.

For early careers talent, the transition between education and work is critical. So how can organisations support grads towards that?

  • Build engagement and excitement though stories, connections.
  • Focus on workplace skills and development.
  • Support them through their life transition.

Jenny Steele, Talent Attraction and Acquisition Manager at RBS recruits 500 interns and grads annually. Jenny and her team have partnered with CA3 to build an onboarding scheme to help incoming early talent interact with RBS’ employer brand before they join and help them hit the ground running before day 1.

“We find onboarding to be a strong tool to drive engagement. It provides helpful checklists, and holds everything in one place to help new joiners learn who RBS are. It also offers information on the business areas they are joining and who else is joining with them.”

RBS’ onboarding portal also includes welcome videos, links to social channels, contact details of line managers and buddies, location information and travel arrangements and an induction agenda. The new hires can update their profile and post pictures to get to know one another.

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Anne Adam, Client Partner, CA3 & Jenny Steele, Talent Attraction & Acquisition Manager, RBS

"How Onboarding Can Transform Your Candidate Engagement Strategy"