Panel Discussion: Early Careers Recruitment Best Practice

In our panel discussion, featuring Zac Williams, Co-founder of GradTouch; Iain Wills, Head of Sales at Adzuna; James Allen, Early Careers Lead at Deliveroo; Tamsin Dewhurst, Founder of Uptree and Peter Hogg, TA & Mobility Manager at Schneider Electric, have shared their expert insights into early careers best practice and covered off our audience’s remaining unanswered questions.

Below are some of the key points that were raised during the discussion:

  • 60% of grads stay in their role for less than a year because they don’t know what they’re getting into. It all comes down to attraction. It might not meet reality. Does your business model support retention and future leadership?
  • If you want to engage with school leavers and students from minority backgrounds, draw together an internal network you can tap into. Schools are crying out for support, so build a relationship with them. Pick the ones with free school meals, or high diversity rates. Send in volunteers to speak to students face-to-face and encourage them to apply. Try to get people they can relate to in front of them.

  • STEM skills need to be encouraged from school level. Schools often welcome people coming in from outside and provide advice for free to inspire more young people, especially girls into STEM. Co-design your STEM workshops with specialist training organisations like Ada Lovelace College or the Makers Academy. 
  • Organise open days to give young talent the opportunity to understand what your business does. Show your different career paths so they can walk away from the day with a better idea of what they want to do. It’s the perfect way to convey they breadth of your business to those who wouldn’t otherwise find out about you.
  • The key theme of an internship is how do you build the journey? Giving your interns meaningful work experience, and they will turn into your brand ambassadors. 
  • Consider the amount of technology you put into your recruitment process. It may not be accessible to people from all backgrounds and can discriminate against certain groups.
  • The value of a well thought out early careers programme is building touch points regularly to discuss career paths and salary. Make sure you tell your cohort you value their feedback on this process. Involve them in meetings with CEO so they don’t feel intimated in their presence.

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Panellists (from left):

  • Zac Williams, GradTouch
  • Iain Wills, Adzuna
  • James Allen, Deliveroo
  • Tamsin Dewhurst, Uptree
  • Peter Hogg, Schneider Electric