Building an EVP that Lasts - A Behind the Scenes Look at Balfour Beatty's Employer Brand

Balfour Beatty is the largest construction and infrastructure organisation in the UK. But given the country’s short supply of talent and an ever-growing demand for infrastructure and engineering skills, even a leading industry player can struggle to secure hires on a regular basis. The team knew they had to tap into their employer brand to rise above competition.

Samantha Ramsay, UK Head of Resourcing, started working with SMRS in May 2018 to bring Balfour Beatty’s employer brand to life. They carried out staff, candidate and supplier surveys to understand how they felt about the organisation. They also interviewed the CEO on his vision for the organisation and ran focus groups with on-site workers. Each study was meant to bring out the key similarities that underpinned the culture of Balfour Beatty.

With the project not yet finalised, further details about the research findings and Balfour Beatty’s employer brand cannot yet be disclosed, but the video below shares a behind the scenes look at the project as it’s being developed.

Samantha did however share some helpful tips from her experience so far:

  • Keep all your key stakeholders involved in every step of process, continually update them and check in with them so that there are no surprises at the end. It will also make people feel invested in the programme from the beginning.
  • Ensure you have board buy-in, these will stand behind what you’re saying and support you in upcoming projects.
  • Keep your employer brand true and genuine by encompassing employees’ voice and their honest opinion.

Check out Balfour Beatty's behind the scenes video: