Having an honest and well-defined employer brand can help give organisations a voice in a competitive market and help them stand out from the crowd. It can offer candidates a window into the work environment and get them excited about the journey the business is on. Organisations that have invested in their employer brand can expect an up to 43% reduction in their cost per hire and a 28% reduction in staff turnover.

Your culture and your people are the key ingredients to your employer brand. Showcasing how employees feel and what they say about your organisation as a place of work, along with a clear communication of your values and purpose in the marketplace will help win over talent that is more suitable for the role and will likely stay on for longer.

But your employer brand should cater to peers across the entire employee lifecycle. While crucial in attraction and onboarding, an employer brand must also keep employees happy and engaged in their workplace. So work with them, run regular surveys and ask them to become your brand ambassadors. This will show them that you value their opinion and, as a result, build their trust and boost their morale.

Involve key business leaders from the start of the branding project as their support will be crucial to its growth. Data will be key in winning them over. Set clear KPIs from the beginning and a benchmark to measure your project against and constantly monitor the data in order to adapt and evolve your employer brand based on your target audience’s interaction with it.