Advert Design for Today’s Digital World

What makes a performant job ad? We usually consider the ratio of views to application, as well as time-to-fill and cost-per-hire to determine success, but nthuse Head of Product, Glenn Jones, believes there are wider implications. His presentation discussed the characteristics of a performant job ad in relation to language, employee value proposition, visual hierarchy and reach:

  • 75% of people wouldn’t apply for a job without researching the organisation’s employer brand. A modern job ad should sell the organisation as much as the role.
  • Grammar and spelling don’t affect the number of applications a job ad receives, but readability will.

- Avoid using jargons, passive voice and complex sentences.

  • Keeping job titles below 4 words gives you a 36% increase in applications.
  • 60% of job ads in the UK have a significant male bias. Run your ad through gender decoder tools to make it more inclusive.
  • Candidates today scan a job ad to determine interest, following certain reading patterns.

- With some design effort you can build your ad to help candidates observe the key information easier.

- Use highlights, subheads, bullets, single-point paragraphs, whitespace.

  • The employee value proposition within a job ad is reflected in the benefits package on offer, as well as through any unique brand selling points.

- Use research-based evidence, driven by your existing employees, to understand what makes your employer brand unique.

- Use your EVP, including branded imagery and strapline, at the top of your ads. Highlight your organisation’s values and purpose at the bottom.

Job adverts have value beyond just advertising roles. They are no longer limited to applications, but can also benefit employer branding. A concise job description, focusing on telling the employee value proposition early on and including salary information, can drive significant increase in conversion rate and applications per view.

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Glenn Jones, Head of Product, nthuse

"Advert Design for Today’s Digital World: How to Maximise Your Campaigns"