A Story of a Global
EVP from Project Plan to Roll-out and Beyond

When Chris Skinner was brought on board to oversee the development of IQVIA’s global employee value proposition in September 2017, he was tasked with the challenge of merging two legacy employer brands into one, following the merger that had brought IQVIA to life. In his presentation Chris shares the story of “Brave Minds”, IQVIA’s global EVP and his journey building it up:

  • Competing for talent in multiple hard-to-fill areas within the healthcare sector (IT, consulting, data science, clinical research, business development) required Chris to come up with a better proposition than just “making a difference in the market”.
  • His team conducted global leadership interviews, surveyed brand ambassadors and 10,000 employees, ran internal focus groups, external benchmarking and competitor analysis to understand how they differentiated.
  • The theme of Brave Minds for a Healthier World came to life, built on the following 3 pillars:

- A Passion for Healthier World

- Disrupt Conventional Thinking

- Make an Impact and Grow

  • The EVP was rolled out on all external platforms (careers site, social media, Glassdoor, Indeed). Employees in talent acquisition and marketing, as well as brand ambassadors, were armed with assets to push out the message.
  • It was integrated into everyday employee life: from communications to extracurricular activities (CSR, community initiatives).

- Chris and his team are now looking to integrate it further into yearly goals and competency assessments and to measure its success through regular employee surveys.

  • ROI so far includes a 30% increase in careers site sessions and 100% increase in employer brand video views. Application intake, offer acceptance and retention rates are being monitored for long-term trends.

Your EVP has to be true for your employees to buy into it, while also ensuring new joiners you live up to your promise, Chris explains. Without it your messaging means nothing. Focus on who will own the EVP post-launch and ensure all of HR is bought in. Once launched it will need constant feeding – allow it to evolve alongside your organisation.

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Chris Skinner, Associate Director of Employer Branding, IQVIA

"Brave Minds – A Story of a Global EVP from Project Plan to Roll-out and Beyond"