Employer Branding in a Complex, Diverse Business

Places for People is one of the largest umbrella organisations in the UK, operating across 20 divisions from development and regeneration to leisure and property, employing over 12,000 people. Recently, Head of Recruitment, Neil Pollington, sat down with the group’s Director of People to discuss how to build a flexible and future-proof employer brand to help unify a disparate employee base and connect people under each division with the wider group:

  • Neil wanted the new brand to build a positive employer reputation in new markets, slay some myths in current markets, build an internal reputation as a centre of excellence, while also acting as a DIY tool for recruiters to source quickly in competitive talent markets.
  • He partnered with Creed Comms to build the employer brand journey from concept to activation and beyond. “We took time to embed and educate internal stakeholders about the brand before activation phase,” Creed Comms Director Simon McLoughlin explains.

- Engaging the marketing team from the beginning was key to creating an employer brand that is symbiotic and supportive of the corporate brand.

  • Focus groups and stakeholder interviews were carried out to capture real employee experience and differentiate the brand from competitors in all the markets P4P operated in.
  • The essence of the brand reads A Workplace Like No Other, capturing the unique outlook on life that people at P4P have.
  • They made sure the brand was brought to life throughout the entire employee lifecycle and introduced workstreams for HR, Internal Comms, Marketing, L&D to support it.

- Key stakeholders were given a DIY toolkit including 100+ employee images and 50+ descriptor headlines to use in their attraction.

  • P4P’s employer brand was created in a way to deploy quickly and effectively, reflecting every division within the group individually.

- It was first implemented within an executive hiring candidate pack

- It was then showcased on social channels through eye-catching ads and visuals, and internally through microsites

“Employer branding is not about resourcing, it’s about the relationship the organisation has with current and potential employees.” Building an employer brand for a complex and diverse business requires perseverance and a good management of all the key stakeholders within the process. Your line managers will be the keepers of your brand’s promise, so understand them and get them involved from the beginning.

View Simon McLoughlin and Neil Pollington's presentation

Simon McLoughlin, Director, Creed Comms & Neil Pollington, Head of Recruitment, Places for People

"Employer Branding in a Complex, Diverse Business"