Using Social Media to Effectively Support your Employer Brand

Candidates engage with 90 or more pieces of branding, so it’s important to have content that sits with channels they are going to spend their time on. Working with employer branding agency Chatter, O2 have successfully built an approach to social media that’s helped bring their people strategy to life, build their profile as an employer and showcase their unique culture as an organisation:

  • O2 started their social attraction strategy a year ago to improve following, engagement and quality of applications and retention. The team was already producing high value hiring content but had no data-backed plan in place, O2 Resourcing Business Partner, Lyndsey Marshall explains.
  • Lyndsey’s team looked back at 12 months of content data – what the audience engaged with, the devices used, geographic and time trends – to understand why they might be engaging with different types of content
  • With the help of Chatter, they used this data to inform decisions, set out clear monthly tactics, compare data sets and KPIs, and review competitors.

- This was done on monthly basis and to help them make bolder decisions.

  • They also ensured they kept delivering content that was aligned with O2’s value pillars and reflected clearly throughout attraction.
  • O2’s robust, data-backed social strategy brought a 30% spike in applications, as well as better internal engagement and a more refined social content plan.

- On a broader scale, it has helped Lyndsey and her team address wider recruitment needs such as diversity and inclusion, retention and attrition, quality of applications and attracting into hard-to-fill roles.

Social media has become a big part of talent attraction. While traditionally we could only resort to the dreaded “post and pray” approach, developments in data analytics and targeted advertising have allowed us to make better informed decisions, share relevant content and build talent communities. However it is used, it has the potential to help you reach audiences and tell your story in a way that’s more accessible than ever before.

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Alex Blow, Account Manager & Early Careers Specialist, Chatter & Lyndsey Marshall, Resourcing Business Partner, O2

"The Art of Using Social Media to Effectively Support your Employer Brand"