The Financial Services market has seen a steady growth of more than 50% over the last 5 years, from almost 80,000 advertised jobs in 2012 to 122,000 today.

But with the growing impact of technology on financial services, the demand for core skills has seen a significant shift towards digital services. Traditional players are now facing competition from disruptive brands outside the industry, while the supply of talent is not growing fast enough to match the demand. FS employers are facing an increasing pressure to make themselves more appealing in the eyes of candidates outside of their industry.

The solution lies in the employer brand - you have to know what your target talent is looking for. Market research is providing us with a plethora of data into jobseeker interests and behaviours. They are looking for a challenging yet rewarding workplace with a positive culture and plenty of development opportunities.

The financial sector may not be an industry traditionally known for its progressive and flexible cultures but Glassdoor ratings are highlighting companies that put a lot of effort into employee wellbeing. So when building your attraction campaign, talk to your employees and find out what they love about their job and how you could make the experience even better for them. Your people can be your biggest brand advocates.