Advert Design for Today’s Digital World

Job ads are severely undervalued in the candidate journey, although they often represent a company’s first point of contact with the jobseeker. Following a study of 5 million adverts and 27,000 employers in 2018, nthuse Head of Product, Glenn Jones, explores the key role of job ad in today's digital world:

  • Over 2 weeks, jobseekers spend 2-4h discovering new jobs (usually during the morning commute), 1-2h researching the employers (mostly in the evenings), and 1-5h applying.
  • During a working day, jobseekers switch from mobile to desktop search in quick bursts. Mobile phone traffic has risen sharply over the last 4 years, to over 50%, of which only 39% of activities are applications. So employers must make sure their entire online presence, not just their application process, is optimised for mobile.
  • Job ads have a big influence on the candidate journey: 57% of jobseekers decide to apply on the company website after reading an ad, while 32% apply directly on the job board.
  • Ads also drive 40% of jobseekers to research other types of jobs available within the company to establish their potential career path, while 36% will even go on to identify other employers in their profession to better understand the industry.
  • Current online job ads rely largely on dense blocks of text to communicate, in an age where attention span is down to seconds. First impressions really count, we need to bring values and employer brand to the front of the jobseeker experience.
  • An nthuse-powered job ad, focusing on telling the employer story early on, has shown to generate a 50% increase in conversion rates and a 40% increase in applications per view.

Job adverts play a different role today, but an incredibly important one. They are no longer limited to applications, but can also benefit employer branding and drive more awareness. People have a short attention span, so we must optimise our ads for scanning with subtitles, white space and imagery and get our brand up front to convert candidates.

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Glenn Jones, Head of Product, nthuse

"Advert Design for Today’s Digital World – How to Maximise Your Campaigns"