Brexit – What’s the Impact for the Recruitment Industry?

As Brexit continues to reign uncertainty over the UK talent market, a change to the way we do our jobs is inevitable, regardless of the final outcome. Experts predict an impending candidate shortage, which will only augment the current skills gap the UK is facing. Jupiter Advertising’ Tony Hall-Turner shares below what he predicts to be Brexit’s impact on recruitment and how the industry can best prepare for what is to come:

  • Go into this with an ambitious mindset. Prepare for the worst, but don’t halt activities because of uncertainty.
  • Media drives a doom and gloom mindset but don’t expect it to be as bad. Studies from previous political and economic crises have shown some companies can still flourish in uncertain times – it’s all about the technologies you use.
  • EU migrant workers will likely see some restrictions to their right to work in the UK. So industries who had previously relied heavily on EU talent will likely tap into new talent pools, causing a growing competition for very finite talent.
  • Start developing new talent pools to welcome people from different backgrounds: returning parents, over 50s, people with disabilities, ex-offenders. Tailor your message to target diverse talent pools. Use facts and figures to get business buy-in.
  • Develop your employer brand. Use real-life employee stories to make yourself more relatable and approachable and show why you are an employer of choice.
  • Manage your company culture. You can easily fall into the trap of not being sincere if your culture is only dictated by your business leaders. Build it from the bottom up, seek the input of staff to get engagement.

Brexit is leading the UK into very uncertain times and Tony believes that this instability, coupled with the public’s lack of faith in the economy, will trigger a recession in the coming years. As we are also expecting restrictions to the number of EU migrant workers we can hire post-Brexit, new talent pools need to be explored. A well-developed employer brand and honest company culture will help us stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Tony Hall-Turner, Consultant, Jupiter Advertising

"Brexit – What’s the Impact for the Recruitment Industry?"