Building an Inclusive Workforce for People with a Learning Disability

With only 6% of people with disabilities currently in employment in the UK, there is a clear lack information to help employers become more inclusive towards this underrepresented talent group. The talent team at Philips are leading the change in this aspect, as head of Talent Acquisition Louise Moore shares her journey making the organisation more attractive and accessible for disabled talent:

  • In 2016 Philips partnered with local charity Halow Project to build a meaningful work experience programme for young people with learning disabilities.
  • The organisation also registered with Disability Confident, where they received guidance and resources on how to accommodate people with disabilities to help them realise their potential in a professional environment.
  • Following the training, they held an open day where they invited 15 people to see the office environment and give them exposure to a variety of functions at Philips.
  • Following the taster day, participants could choose to take part in an assessment centre, also developed in partnership with Halow, where they received personal feedback on their performance and some were offered work experience with tailored working conditions.
  • In 2017 Philips made their first hire following this initiative.
  • The employee was invited to speak alongside Philips’ CEO at the House of Commons about his experience and share practical advice on how to work with local organisations to create career opportunities for young people with learning difficulties.

Becoming an inclusive workplace for disabled talent can not only open you up to a wider and more diverse talent pool, but it can also work wonders for employee engagement. It educates your staff on how to socialise and work with people with disabilities, Louise concludes. Work with your local charities to drive positive change!

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Louise Moore, Head of Talent Acquisition, Philips

"Building an Inclusive Workforce – Providing an Experience for People with a Learning Disability"