Employer Branding – Recruiting for an Unknown Brand

BGL Group is an umbrella organisation of over 3,000 employees, making 400 hires a year into one of its 9 distinct brands. While some of the brands it owns are more well-known, including Compare the Market and Beagle Street, BGL did not have a consumer facing brand so attracting talent to a company they never heard of before, with a head office based in Peterborough, was a challenge. Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Gemma Betney, shares her team’s journey building BGL’s employer brand:

  • The first step was to define who BGL was as employer. The company partnered up with a branding agency and ran a number of workshops with employees across the entire business, to help identify BGL’s core values.
  • Some employees got interviewed in more detail on what each brand meant to them both as employees and as candidates in the hiring process. Those values were then incorporated into BGL’s recruitment campaign to help attract like-minded individuals into its many different brands.
  • The team then worked with the hiring community to define what they were looking for in their target talent and what the routes to market were.
  • A lot of time was spent time empowering hiring managers to take ownership of the brand and go out to market with their own messaging and interpretation of the employer brand.
  • Events (from small scale meet-ups to industry conferences) also played a key role in helping grow BGL’s brand presence in relevant talent communities.
  • Finally, the brand messaging was also brought to life on social media though snaps from events and CSR activities.

An employer brand is what people think and feel about a company as place of work and its offer to employees. So talk to your people and find out how they feel about their job, their team and how they would improve it. Then start training your hiring community on how to use their interpretation of the brand to engage with their target audience. In the end, candidates will be much more swayed by an authentic message from their industry peers.

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Gemma Betney, Senior Manager for Talent Acquisition, BGL Group

"Employer Branding – Recruiting for an Unknown Brand"