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Employer Brand: Creating an Inclusive Environment

Onboarding and Digitalisation: Transforming your Values in the Digital Age

The Future of Work: Challenging Unconscious Bias

Enhancing the Onboarding Process Using Technology

Putting the Employee in Employer Branding

Achieving a Successful Employee Referral Programme

Bridging the Digital Skills Gap: A Case Study



There are many exciting upcoming changes in the recruitment industry to anticipate in 2020. At this event, we heard from expert speakers on a diverse range of topics within the recruitment industry.

Tackling issues of diversity, selecting the best technology and employer brandings are issues faced by all in-house recruiters. While challenging, there are a number of ways to approach these areas in a way that is conducive to long-term success.

The 2019 Manchester In-house Recruitment Conference showcased completely unique case studies and innovative insights into the power of an authentic and well-defined employer brand.

This whitepaper brings you a detailed overview of what was discussed on the day.