Onboarding and Digitalisation: Transforming your Values in the Digital Age

The digital age that we live in brings with it a whirlwind of issues, challenges and opportunities. Grace Perry from EMIS Group belives that we need to adapt with technology while accepting with an open mind the ways it has changed the way we work . Using this information to build internal mobility is fundamental in securing your organisation's future and ensuring one of success. From experience, Grace knows that internal recruits out-perform their external counterparts. Her presentation provided a valuable overview of helpful tips to enhance your recruitment strategy, specifically in relation to succession planning, onboarding, candidate experience and social media. Grace covered:

  • How to use social media to attract all the most appropriate and experienced hires
  • Increasing existing roles and opportunities internally
  • How internal mobility can bring unparallelled benefits to your organisation through tightening skill gaps
  • The power of relying less on CV's and more on forming connections with potential candidates

Grace also highlighted the importance of candidate experience with regards to wellbeing.

  • Have regular conversations with employees and discuss issues openly and honestly to ensure professional growth as well as personal welfare
  • Spending time during the onboarding process to learn about the candidate
  • Give candidates ample opportunity to grow and develop, working closely with them to build on their weaker areas and finding the root of the problem
  • Exits- why did candidates choose to leave your company? Stay on top of any recurring themes or problems interfering with candidate retention
  • Offering various ways of promoting candidate development such as through skills workshops and shadow sessions

It is crucial to be proactive as well as reactive in your approach to finding new talent. Internal focus, a culture of openness, and a strong onboarding process will enhance not only your employer brand but the wellbeing of all those involved.

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Grace Perry, Resourcing Talent Manager, EMIS Group

"How focusing on your Internal Mobility will help you become future ready"