Putting the Employee in Employer Branding

Using your people to strengthen your employer brand is the way to draw people to your organisation. Real-life case studies and testimonials from existing employees are an excellent way to gain potential candidates' trust as well as their intrigue.

SMRS specialise in employer branding and attraction marketing, taking pride in their ability to tell the story of your organisation all throughout the candidate journey.

  • Content shared by current employees has been found to receive 8x more engagement than other types of content
  • People trust other people 90% of the time, while this statistic reduces to 33% when the message is from corporations
  • A brand ambassador is believed as being 2x as trustworthy as a CEO
  • Incorporating content from current employees across your different media platforms will reach a wider, more diverse audience
  • With clear examples of strong employer branding such as videos put out by House of Fraser, B&Q, Mydentist and Kerry Foods, Sarah demonstrated the power of using your candidates to tell a story
  • Employer branding should be truthful, authentic and appealing to both existing and new hires

Sarah emphasised employer brand as relating to consistency in what people think and feel about an organisation. Your brand should always be authentic and honest, and it is this which will keep you engaged with your current candidates as well as appealing to potential hires.

Employer brand is intrinsic to the way in which current and potential hires perceive your company, its people and its ethos. In this way, it should exist across all areas of a business and not necessarily just marketing.

Company culture can be defined as the character and personality of your organisation, essentially what encapsulates your values and attitudes. There can be a tendency in the recruitment process to focus on whether an individual is the right 'cultural fit' while it might be better to place more emphasis on whether their attitude alligns with the company values and on what they have the capacity to bring to your business.

Having a clear vision and purpose is what will motivate both existing and potential employees to steer towards your company. SMRS help to guide organisations in both establishing and articulating this. Through having a clear understanding of your goal, you will be better able to convey the story of your organsation. While your employer brand should of course be appealing, you should balance this with the right level of authenticity and honesty to engage with people in the most meaningful way.

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Sarah Sturgess, Agency Director, SMRS

"Putting the Employee in Employer Branding"