While the tech hiring landscape is evolving, the future for recruiters is brighter than ever. With a reformed strategy and the right tools, you can stand out against your competitors and attract the candidates you want. Our interactive roundtable discussions revealed that the main issues relate to candidate attraction as well as engagement, retention, and generally ensuring a high standard within your tech team. So, what are the solutions?

Make Data-driven Decisions

Codility makes their software as insightful as possible through gaining data directly from the market. Through analysing software usage data, they are able to continuously develop their machine-learning models to further enhance the software. Having an ongoing dialogue with customers is also one of the key ways they are able to make improvements and ensure that they are offering the most constructive and sought-after insights.

You can increase efficiency within your recruitment process by optimising the funnel that you currently have. Improving efficiency in the assessment process means securing a strong talent pool.

60% of developers admit to dropping out of a recruitment process due to it being too complicated, which is unsurprising considering the fact that the average time-to-hire for a developer being 41 days.

"The data shows that making the recruitment process shorter by even two days already impacts your offer acceptance ratio."

Providing an exceptional candidate experience is at the core of Codility's solutions. In the data from their recent developer survey, they uncovered statistics which reveal the power of employer branding and importantly, showcasing your work culture.

While 90% of developers like what they do and want to still be in a tech role in 10 years time, they get bored in their current roles relatively quickly. This sheds light on the importance of creating a working environment that satisfies your candidates' needs while also going over and above this.

  • Make candidates feel supported - emphasising 'soft skills' such as these and instilling this in tech managers will make hires feel more valued.
  • Working Culture - this factor was found to prevail over all other assets of a role including salary and benefits.
  • Seeing a future in the company - 63% of developers don't know how to get promoted in their own company. Illustrating a clear vision to your candidates of how they can progress is likely to increase retention.

Implement Semi-structured Interviews

Belén helped to bring to light in her presentation that having clear objectives underpinning your interview process will help to create the most reliable outcomes. With content that is inherently subjective, having a framework in place that helps to quantify responses in the clearest way possible will help to inform decision-making.

So, why a semi-structured interview? Other than the rich data gathered, it allows the candidate to feel free to express themselves while also ensuring that answers gathered remain aligned with the objectives of the interview.

  • Better quality hires
  • Objectivity - a clear set of criteria which they were measuring against
  • Enhanced candidate experience
  • Legal protection - asking candidates the same questions minimises the risk of discrimination

Give the Candidates What They Want

The results of StackOverflow's 2019 Developer Survey uncovered the following key points:

  • Most developers are not actively looking, but are open to new opportunities.
  • Offering remote work and flexible working is one of the key factors in attracting candidates. Advertising this to candidates will significantly boost your chances of attracting them.
  • Developers tend to be satisfied with their careers as a whole, more so than their current roles. What this means is that could certainly be more satisfied - an opportunity you can harness!

One of their key takeaways from the survey was: "Focus on technology, culture and values in recruitment outreach." Tying in with the results of Codility's Developer Survey, the results essentially say; be proud of your organisation and let your ethos resonate in and throughout the recruitment process to show tech candidates why your company is a place they want to work.

Keep an Eye on the Trends

Charles St Aubyn revealed some of the main trends to expect from the near-future of tech hiring. He drew our attention to the phrase "less corporate, more authentic."

  • Due to the ever-increasing demand, tech hires are more expensive than ever. Charles gave the example of starting salaries in San Francisco, U.S.A being $100,000! This means it can be beneficial to hire fewer candidates overall but increase your ROI by ensuring that they are the highest quality candidates (such as through implementing high-quality assessments like those offered by Codility.)
  • New employment relationship - candidates do not generally feel loyalty to companies and vice versa. Authenticity is key in the recruitment process - honesty about what you can offer them.

This type of authenticity can be conveyed through your employer branding. Having a well-thought-out EVP will expand your talent pool, improving the quality of your hires and building more diverse teams.