Speakers & Main Topics of Discussion

Agnieszka Balcer-Thinlay,

Director of Product Research

Agnieszka addressed some of the main challenges within tech recruitment based on market insights. Codility offers a tech recruiting platform which tests candidates' code online, helping to narrow down your talent pool and ensure that the remainder of the hiring process consists of the highest-quality candidates.

Anton Boner,

UKI Country Manager

StackOverFlow is an open community wherein developers can exchange knowledge and answer some of their biggest questions surrounding coding, helping to pave the way for both employers and developers themselves.

At this event, Anton delved into the results of their recent 2019 Developer Survey which is answered by 100,000 people globally. The UK-specific insights revealed in this talk helped to highlight some important ways to drive success.

Charles St. Aubyn,

Director of Talent Aquisition - Vonage

Charles spoke about their journey at Vonage, elaborating on the importance of making your brand stand out to potential hires.

While they prioritise collaboration and so do not encourage remote work at Vonage, they offer flexible working hours which helps to make their candidates feel valued and that their work-life balance is taken into account. Staying one step ahead by being aware of future trends means knowing how to market yourselves.

Belén Ripoll,

Global Head of Talent Acquisition - Cloudreach

Belén's presentation detailed the journey they have been on at Cloudreach from having an unstructured interview process to one which provides a far superior candidate experience. Through training interviewers, and aligning the interview process to different roles and levels, they reaped a multitude of benefits including better quality hires.