Key take-aways

Onboarding is intrinsic to candidate experience and sets the basis for their experience within your company and how they establish themselves. Having a smooth transition from the pre-hire stage through to the early stages of their new job will help candidates to feel settled and secure, as well as keeping them engaged.

Starting a new job is scary regardless of your position, age or how much experience you have. Minimising the overwhelming aspects of this will leave more room for development. This starts with the manager- training hiring managers appropriately means an enhanced onboarding experience for everyone, and most importantly will achieve the results you want.

It's the little things. The personalised features enabled by Enboarder's software helps candidates feel that the onboarding journey is being tailored towards their individual needs. Invite them into a space where they feel valued and part of the team and help them develop relationships that will support them through their journey in the organisation.