Key take-aways

Onboarding is about more than legal compliance – it’s about creating a meaningful experience for new joiners ahead of their start date.

Think of onboarding as a relay race, which definitely requires a team effort. Get all stakeholders involved and ensure they know which part of the process they’re responsible for, as errors occur at a lack of ownership. There is often an overlap in responsibility between people and departments so it's important there's synergy between stakeholders. While large corporations may afford to have a designated onboarding owner, smaller organisations will have to rely on collaborative effort to get it right.

Tailor the onboarding experience based on candidates’ interaction with the process. Make them feel special from the moment they accept your offer, to avoid reneges or early exits. Invite them into a space where they feel valued and part of the team and help them develop relationships that will support them through their journey in the organisation.

This sense of belonging can be scaled without losing the personal touch. Technology can take over all the transactional and repetitive tasks and help you create an onboarding journey that is consistent, fair, engaging and personalised even at scale.