Further Discussions, Debates & Challenges

After overcoming the initial issues in defining programmatic advertising, we moved on to some further challenges. In our intimate roundtable discussions, there were lots of interesting debates wherein people spoke openly about what programmatic advertising meant to them.

Most of the issues surrounded getting to grips with the definition, as well as understanding the more specific details such as how it can be integrated within your business. Another notable concern pointed out by recruiters at the event was how it interacts with the traditional use of job boards - does it mean abandoning it all together, or is it better to use a combination of both?

In the roundtable discussions, our aim is to tackle the main issues head-on, finding the top tips and solutions. Before doing so, it is imperative to condense precisely what these issues are.

Some of the main issues surrounding the standard (non-programmatic) use of job ads are summarised in the below points explain:

  • Incomplete applications - candidates frequently begin the application to later abandon it, meaning good potential hires are sometimes lost.
  • ATS - another common problem cited was getting your ATS to divert people back to the application page meaning a loss of web traffick.
  • Data - job boards are often not particularly helpful in terms of data collection. As a result, it can be difficult to make informed decisions and move forward with confidence.

We're all running our own races in recruitment - programmatic advertising can help you run it faster and achieve the results you want.