Speaker & Main Topics of Discussion

Rob Prince, Client Services Director

Talent Nexus

Rob Prince encouraged us to think about what programmatic advertising is and what it means to us. Rob helped to define exactly what it entails while highlighting the focal ways which it can enhance talent acquisition.

Programmatic advertising, according to client services director Rob, implies "a level of advancement". It is the automated process of buying and selling advertisements, in this context for the purpose of talent acquisition. With the use of tools and software in the centre of the process, it facilitates advertising by managing all of the actions within it notably; spending, duration of the ad, and where the ad is placed. It can help you save money due to the pay per click feature meaning you only pay for what you get. It will also allow you to narrow down your search, focusing on the right channels for your business.

"Programmatic advertising is an automated process of buying and managing job adverts on job boards”

Programmatic advertising is rapidly growing in popularity within the recruitment world, so one of the main challenges is for businesses to manage their expectations of it and be able to answer the all-important question: what am I able to get out of it?

Talent Nexus specialises in recruitment marketing and more specifically in programmatic advertising, offering expertise on market trends across the recruitment sector.

"As an agency, we have billions of data points that we can build our understanding of advertising on. So often when we're advising clients, the insight and the value that we can add is that we are making those decisions based on a multiple of the information that they could have access too themselves."

Common Misconceptions

Rob then returned to the crucial point that programmatic advertising is highly misunderstood by many. So, why is programmatic advertising becoming so popular? It is directly as a result of market changes over the last 15 years which has seen a considerable change in the last year following a period of relative stability. Following this rapid growth, there has never been a better and more exciting time to harness programmatic advertising.

"If you asked 100 different people what programmatic advertising is, you would certainly get 100 different answers."

A lot of people misunderstand programmatic advertising and instantly associate it with AI, blockchain or machine learning. As a result of these misconceptions and programmatic advertising being perceived as inaccessible, people sometimes overestimate how complex it is. In reality, it's extremely straightforward to use and brings unparalleled perks.

Using programmatic advertising specifically for recruitment means using job boards. What programmatic advertising does:

  • Automate the process of buying and managing job ads, ensures a steady improvement of the overall quality of your job applicants.
  • Increasing the overall level of efficiency in the hiring process.
  • Preserve budgeting by specifically targeting ad spaces which will boost engagement with the ideal candidates.