We need to start talking about leadership in relation to the good and the bad, and build both traits into our assessment and analysis frameworks. Understand the different types of followers and find mechanisms to support them all individually.

We need energy, creativity, innovation to drive high performance and we can’t achieve this if we continue to hire only people who act and think like we do. Truly inclusive leaders will inspire their followers, challenge the status quo, support diversity of thought and amplify it.

A lot of time and effort can be invested in finding the right talent, but we must also ensure we set them up for success after point of offer. Build your onboarding journey not just to ensure hiring compliance but to also offer your new joiner a meaningful, welcoming experience as they’re about to start working with you.

There are opportunities for technology to enhance every stage of the recruitment process but to avoid a narrative of fear and scepticism among your team, be sure to involve all your key stakeholders in the selection process. Allow them to test and run pilot programmes to feel truly comfortable operating new software.

Only by connecting diverse talent with technology can your organisation truly flourish in the 4th Industrial Revolution.