Why Recruitment Leaders Need Data to Make Strategic Decisions

An ATS that gives access to rich and insightful datasets can be the most powerful tool recruiters have. Being able to extract and interpret this data is essential if you want to enhance your processes. Hireserve Managing Director, Jeremy Ovenden, shares his top tips on how to make sense of all the data in your ATS and use it to inform your strategic activities.

  • The way you slice data according to metrics can vary (seniority of hires, location). Ultimately you want to be able to look at the information from the different dimensions that make sense for your organisation
  • Jeremy addressed the age-old question of managing quantity versus quality of data, i.e. how big an application form should be to collect all key data versus the impact on candidate experience and application conversion.

- Determine what forms you will use and how many responses they generate. Distinguish between complete and incomplete forms to understand the impact of length on volume of applications.

  • Candidate behaviours will differ across seniority or sectors – check for consistency. Completion can be influenced by fact that applicant has applied before and their details have been prepopulated.

- Think about the information you are trying to extract, understand processes to make sure you have necessary data to draw valid conclusions.

  • Consider the gender divide: look at where you generate a majority of interest by gender in terms of sourcing activities if you’re looking to increase diversity rates.
  • When thinking about sourcing channels, your career website, Google or Indeed can be top drivers for application traffic but is the ranking the same for interview conversion? The primary driver of applications is not necessarily a quality source.

When extracting value from your data, think about the things that matter to your organisation and have a clear view of what your success metrics are (cost of hire? time to hire? quality of hire?). Educate your team on the importance of data and set your ATS up to collect that information as this will subsequently enable you to make the right decisions.

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Jeremy Ovenden, Managing Director, Hireserve

"Why Recruitment Leaders Need Data to Make Strategic Decisions"