Rules of Attraction: Hiring and Retaining the Best Talent

There are currently more than half a million job ads active in the UK, in a time with the lowest unemployment rate on record. Recruitment leaders must get into the minds of their target candidates if they want to attract the best in the market. Below, Marketing Director, Mark Rhodes, shares his rules of talent attraction and retention, following a study of 4,000 UK jobseekers’ employment expectations:

1. Fresh start

  • 31% of respondents are looking for a fresh start, a chance to reinvent their careers when they start their search. Is your EVP supporting energetic and ambitious people with transferrable skills to get that fresh start?

2. Right place, right time

  • 48% of respondents do their job search at home after work, 25% do it on their breaks, and 22% while at work. Understand which platforms your target audience uses to look for opportunities and at what times of the day.

3. Candidates are customers too

  • 73% of respondents agree a negative recruitment experience will impact how they view the employer as a corporate brand. With the instant gratification of the digital world, 73% expect to be interviewed within a fortnight and 91% expect a job offer in 3 weeks. Acknowledge receipt of application and provide feedback after the interview.

4. Celebrate inclusivity

  • 25% of all respondents felt discriminated at some stage of their recruitment but younger generations have the education and understanding of what it means to be a diverse and inclusive employer and expect to see it in the process.

5. Shout about success

  • Consider commercial success, people success, and corporate social responsibility when trying to differentiate yourself from competitors. 1 in 3 respondents consider the financial health and stability of the organisation when choosing who to work for.

6. People love perks

  • Respondents have shown a preference for health and wellbeing perks over financial ones. These include having a work/life balance, healthcare plans, a quiet workspace, gym memberships, yoga sessions, free fruit.

In today’s competitive marketplace, reaching the candidates you need is like any other marketing campaign – it requires careful planning and analysis. Your employer brand story and recruitment process can set you apart from competitors. See every candidate as a potential customer and treat each one like they are the best.

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Mark Rhodes, Group Marketing Director,

"Rules of attraction: Hiring and retaining the best talent"