Effective Use of Technology to Evaluate & Enhance Your Workforce

Earlier this year, TribePad have conducted a survey of their user population to find out more about the most burning issues they faced in their daily jobs and what their main areas of focus were for the year. CEO Dean Sadler took us through each challenge (ranked below) and discussed how technology can help address each one:

1. Finding high calibre talent (70%)

  • Advances in assessment technology are making it easier for employers to identify the right type of candidates by assessing their personality and emotional intelligence.
  • Video interviewing can offer a number of benefits that traditional approaches can’t. It identifies certain facial expressions and keywords within candidates’ response to build their personality profiles.

2. Onboarding (50%)

  • Recruiting the wrong candidates could be detrimental to the business, resulting in additional recruitment costs, damaged reputation, antisocial behaviour and increased staff turnover.
  • Onboarding technology can provide evidence-based compliance, ensuring the new joiner has gone through a set process before their first day.

3. Candidate experience (40%)

  • Posting a job requires a good understanding of where target populations look for opportunities (segmented by role and seniority).
  • Once the role is out you need to attract and resonate with these individuals. A video presentation of what it’s like to work for your organisation will shine a light on your internal culture and increase your employer brand reach. You can also use video to invite candidates to interview and explain the role to them in more detail.

4. Diversity & Inclusion (30%)

  • Diversity isn’t just limited to age, gender or ethnicity. Consider less obvious elements of diversity like physical or learning disabilities.
  • Make reasonable logistical adjustments to accommodate a diversity of talent. An Accessible Help page on your ATS and career site will highlight relevant places in the process where candidates need assistance.

Technology is an enabler of the recruitment process, but it still requires human intervention to ensure it doesn’t reinforce biases. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution as different roles will require different processes and results.

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Dean Sadler, CEO, Tribepad

"Effective use of Technology to Evaluate & Enhance Your Workforce"