Candidates are too wise to marketing and branding messages, so the future of recruitment marketing should be about skills, learning, and being useful and relevant to people you’ll want to hire in the future.

With 80% of people not actively looking for a job, recruitment marketing can build awareness for your employer brand and use the right content and technology to gradually nurture candidates down the funnel until they are ready for a hiring conversation.

Because candidates don’t realistically need to speak to a recruiter until they reach the evaluation stage of the funnel, automated talent pipelining can do the heavy lifting, providing candidates with relevant content for their level of interest and tracking their interaction with it. This way recruiters will know the right moment to step in and have those high-value conversations with the candidates that matter.

Before building a marketing campaign, carry out research to understand your target audience and what they are looking for in their career. In an age where you can target so specifically, think about the career influencers too. Parents, friends, offer rejectors, they can all have an input on a candidate’s decision to apply so winning them over is also key.