AI & Robotics: TA Reinvention or Hype?

As technology innovation continues to grow at a remarkable rate, 60% of today’s jobs will be automated within a decade. While the people affected may not be in danger of losing their jobs, their roles will see massive transformations that will require them to adapt to.

In 2018 IBM carried out an investigation of 175 talent leaders across the globe on their adoption of technology across the talent lifecycle, and the ROIs they receive. Below we break down their findings:

  • Workforce planning 8%
  • Employer branding 17%
  • Sourcing and attraction 35%
  • Screening and assessment 20%
  • Interview and selection 5%
  • Offer and rejection 5%
  • Onboarding 5%
  • Measuring and engagement 5%

When it came to planning future investment, onboarding was top of mind for talent leaders, with a view to increase their current onboarding budget by 125% to improve the new hire experience. The other two priority areas were screening and assessment at a 51% budget increase and workforce planning at 43%.

“Most organisations are focusing their resources on point solutions in the early stages of the candidate journey, with few looking to implement an end-to-end solution,” Simon Clements, Client Solutions Lead at IBM revealed. When building your business case for technology, start with your desired outcome but be very specific (Will it save costs? Improve quality of candidates? Drive more efficient processes?).

Have metrics and KPIs in place but attach value to what you need to do (think about how you can quantify your improvements). Understand the risks and involve your key stakeholders in the process, train them to use the tools and ask for continuous feedback. Monitor and measure, and keep all data in place to support your process and a culture of continuous improvement.

“But technology is just the tip of the iceberg, the challenge is in the processes – in integration and adoption, and winning the hearts and minds of your people,” Georgiana Chiper, senior consultant at IBM, added.

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Listen to Georgiana Chiper & Simon Clements' presentation (audio only)

Georgiana Chiper & Simon Clements, IBM Talent & Engagement
"AI & Robotics: TA Reinvention or Hype?"