How Tech Can Help Solve the Most Burning Issues Facing Recruiters

Ahead of their talk at our conference, TribePad have conducted a survey of their user population to find out more about the most burning issues they faced in their daily jobs and what their main areas of focus were for the year. The ranking was as follows:

1. Finding high calibre talent - 70%

2. Onboarding - 50%

3. Candidate experience - 40%

4. Diversity & Inclusion - 30%

An ATS is probably the most crucial piece of technology in a recruiter’s arsenal and it should play part in every stage of the recruitment funnel, Neil Armstrong, Commercial Director at TribePad, said. From integrating with multiposters to target more relevant and diverse talent, to integrating with social media for quick and seamless application registrations, to even automating the onboarding process, a modern ATS, customised to the user’s individual needs, can help address a number of burning issues.

But ATS technology can also help drive Diversity & Inclusion in recruitment, Neil added. Anonymised screenings, removing candidates’ personal information, can help combat unconscious bias and drive up applications from minority backgrounds. Video interviews as well can guarantee that, apart from saving logistical time, all interviewees are asked the same questions, while interviewers receive a record of their scoring to identify and measure shortfalls in their current system.

Good recruitment technology should improve the efficiency of your recruitment team, give you the tools to maximise the number of candidates, deliver a great experience, reduce your time and cost to hire, and finally improve your hiring outcomes. But it’s important to remember technology can’t solve everything, Neil concluded. Your data will help you identify if a problem sits beyond your processes, at a cultural or even individual level.

To hear Neil's full presentation, watch the video below:

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Neil Armstrong, Commercial Director, TribePad

"How Tech Can Help Solve the Most Burning Issues Facing Recruiters"