A recruiter’s pain points seem endless. But technology can help solve a fair few of them, including finding high calibre talent, while driving candidate experience, onboarding, and even Diversity & Inclusion.

Automation is happening now and we need to embrace it to keep our processes up to date. Candidates expect technology to form a large part of their recruitment experience, as it already plays such a key role in other aspects of their life.

Have demos, speak to your vendors, see what possibilities are out there and involve your key stakeholders in the trial and adoption of new technology. That is the only true way to understand the value it can bring to your recruitment. People make the technology, so use it to enhance your processes, not just to automate them.

It can be a challenge to keep up with the constant innovations in recruitment technology, while taking into consideration bias, candidate experience and stakeholder engagement. So when choosing the solutions that are right for your processes, make sure it will engage with all types of talent equally, to drive a more rounded hiring process.