Removing Gender Bias in Recruitment Advertising through Technology

Companies are doing a lot of work developing their EVP and employer brands but often forget that the first interaction candidates may have with them is through a job ad. A Totaljobs analysis of 76,000 job adverts in the UK found a high percentage of them to include gender bias, eArcu’s Alastair Cartwright explained. “We need to encourage and attract more women into management roles, as a gender balanced management structure can see profits increase by 40% and turnover increase by 30%.”

But the big problem with job ads is that they are often written with the employer in mind, not the candidate, including unnecessary jargon, spelling and grammar errors and unconscious biases.

“Think about what you want to achieve with your ad,” Alastair explains. Set strategic objectives (attracting more women, reducing your ad spend, building your talent pool, finding hard-to-reach talent). Then analyse your previous approach (When did you post your last ad? Did it attract enough talent? Did it provide diverse and quality candidates?).

Your ATS should be able to help you get reports and templates to post your ads out quickly.

Alastair narrows the perfect job ad down to 5 key elements:

  • fair, unbiased language (to support diversity);
  • readability (using accessible language, not corporate clichés),
  • advert length (succinct paragraphs, no longer than 3 lines),
  • bullet points (presenting your requirements in a clear, attractive way);
  • asking questions (to help candidates envisage themselves in the role).

"A job ad should be a 30 second pitch on why that person should apply for the job."

To hear Alastair's full presentation, watch the video below:.

View Alastair Cartwright's presentation

Alastair Cartwright, Consultant, eArcu

"Removing Gender Bias in Recruitment Advertising through Technology"