Using Technology when Recruiting: Making the Invisible, Visible

“What you see on the outside might not be the same on the inside.” In large volume recruitment, the cost of hiring the wrong talent can rise up to £900,000. And bad hires are often a result of hiring managers using their gut feel as basis for their selection. Measuring a candidate’s technical capabilities is easy, but it will be their culture fit that will keep them engaged for longer. Vicki Mann, Director of Operations at Skillsarena, recommended 4 steps we can implement in our existing processes to measure and select the right talent.

  1. Write a realistic job profile. Share what it’s like to work in your organisation and help candidates self-select in.
  2. Run situational judgement tests. Once your candidates are sure they want to work with you, it’s time to see if their values and culture match yours.
  3. Test for core skills. Assess for fundamental skills for the job your recruit for, like English, maths, computer skills, communication skills.
  4. Test for personality and team fit. Understand their strengths and weaknesses and give them a chance to ask their own questions in the interview.

A case study with the Hayman Group showcased how they applied Skillsarena’s technology to benchmark their current employees and map out the attitudes and behaviours that shaped the company culture. Candidates were assessed against these findings, enabling hiring managers to run more focused interviews further down the line.

“Don’t assess for the sake of it! Understand what works in your company and assess your employees first to validate your data. Try to gamify your assessment or at least give some meaningful feedback to help candidates on their career journey,” Vicki advises. It will help reduce your application drop-out rates and improve your Diversity & Inclusion by removing unconscious bias from the process.

To hear Vicki's full presentation, watch the video below:.

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Vicki Mann, Director of Operations, Skillsarena

"Using Technology when Recruiting: Making the Invisible, Visible"