Using Tech to Create a Well-Rounded Hiring Process

Talent engagement starts at the first point of attraction, and carries through to onboarding, retention and offboarding. But sometimes we’re not fully utilising or fully understanding all the technology at our fingertips, Jim Berrisford, Global Head of Engagement and Partnerships at Rezoomo, believes. Sometimes we don’t even have the time to think about the candidates we have to attract and give them the same choice.

Our challenge as talent attraction professionals is to drive out that outbound engagement across a variety of social channels, where we can showcase the company and ourselves, to win over candidates.

We have hundreds of types of channels to use in attraction and lines are starting to blur between professional channels like LinkedIn and personal channels like Whatsapp, and online communities like forums and games servers where we can show off our employer brand. "Recruitment is becoming more PR and social engagement."

Today we have technology that can scrape through all these channels and understand our target talent’s needs and interests and use that information to auto-engage with them. We can automatically send out our chosen content through videos, voicemail activated technology, VR and AR, direct to smartphone messages to target active and passive talent and help them understand why the role is right for them.

But in our multitude of choice, we must not lose sight of the human aspect of our job, Jim urged. We need to consider Diversity & Inclusion during the attraction and selection process, as traditional methods can put huge strains on overlooked populations, like neurodiverse talent for example, and discourage them from applying. Think about what you say but also what you may not say in a job ad and an attraction video, as your methods of engagement could be limiting your neurodiversity reach.

To hear Jim's full presentation, watch the video below:

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Jim Berrisford, Global Head of Partnerships and Engagement, Rezoomo

"Engagement is a two way street: The use of tech & automation in creating a well-rounded hiring process"