Innovating your recruitment technology

Barratt Developments are the UK's largest housebuilder with a vision to lead the future of housebuilding while placing customers at the core of what they do. Sally Bradbery, Group Resourcing Manager, shared the innovations they have made in their approach to recruitment technology. Finding and integrating the right systems can be difficult, but it is possible when the current systems are evaluated fully and there is a culture of openness which is receptive to change.

Selecting the right ATS for your business

User experience can be greatly enhanced by the right ATS, which is why Barratt decided to make the change from their previous one and are now using Eploy.

Recruitment became a central objective for the organisation and critical to the future resourcing strategy to address the skills shortage in the construction industry.

Barratt Developments wanted to be more proactive with their recruitment strategy and address challenges such as the disconnect between their careers website and their ATS when a candidate went through the application process. They wanted a more consistent experience for candidates and to track and report more efficiently than before. With a large proportion of the process having been manual, Barratt decided to deliver a better candidate better journey with a modern ATS.

Why Eploy? Sally explained how the ATS and e-recruitment platform offered by Eploy is the most advanced in the marketplace. This is in terms of longevity, especially in comparison to their competitors. Finding the right ATS system is dependent on many factors. Here are some points to consider when evaluating your ATS:

  • How time-consuming is your ATS? Does it involve a lot of manual effort? Is it efficient?
  • Does it integrate well with job boards and with your other systems?
  • Does it provide tangible and easily accessible data?
  • Is the system user-friendly and easy to navigate (for candidates and hiring managers)?

Innovating your assessment process

Barratt Developments ensured their recruitment programme is accessible from a range of devices. They wanted the application process to be quick, straightforward and not overly complicated. Candidates having a positive experience in the application process will reflect on your employer brand, drawing them in at the pre-hire stage.

Their integrations have been designed to enhance the application process. For example, the Graduate application process at Barratt can take as little as 4 minutes. Applicants will then undertake a situational judgement assessment which as the name suggests, assesses how candidates would react in a variety of different situations relevant to the construction industry. This then provides an automated response and moves the application process on accordingly. With the use of Eploy's systems, a large amount of the assessment process is automated which is revolutionary in the efficiency it brings.

Lessons learnt

Sally emphasised the importance of testing the technology as much as possible during the implementation period. The other key point is getting the right engagement. Ensure that stakeholders and all involved are aware of what you are doing, the changes it will bring and the benefits.

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Sally Bradbery, Group Resourcing Manager, Barratt