Q&A Session With Deloitte

What are you doing to prioritise candidate experience?

"We have just been through an 18-month transformation of our experienced-hire function and that's with our outsource provider, AMS and working with them to really change up the way we deliver the solution. There are some key things- being agile and scalable; the market is moving very quickly, an organisation as large as ours can't do too much too quickly so you must think about a way to create an infrastructure that is agile in its own sense. User experience and technology are the other two main points to be made with regards to candidate experience.

Where do you find that video interviewing works best?

"We have 3 main principles that we're working towards, which we've deployed in areas that we feel it's going to land the best. We're in the process now of realising some of those benefits and hopefully at some point rolling it out to other areas. What I would say is where we've got really high volume administrative types of roles, video interviewing has been really beneficial to help us with sifting, to make sure that we get to the right candidates early on when there's a high volume rate. Candidate feedback has shown that the process is also better for them as they are able to complete them in the evening, or at other times of day which are more convenient for them.

How do you measure user experience?

We deployed a consumerised tool 'Rant n Rave' which at different stages of the assessment process at five different points, gives candidates the opportunity to rate the experience 1-5*. That has been a real change-up for us, we've gone from one piece of data to five. So, now we're trying to grapple with - if we're doing that, what are we doing with the insight we're getting? I think it's been really interesting for us to reframe the way that we collect feedback.

Does using alumni to attract talent preventing increase in diversity in the workforce?

You can't just do one thing, you have to do quite a loty of different things and that's something we've learned through this transofmration period. Diversity isn't a concern for us, it's about people coming back when we know that they're tried and tested, we know that they're good citizens of our firm- it would be bonkers for us not to engage with those people.

Tell us about the principles against which you determine the right technology for you

At the beginning of this transformation period in which we were supported by Alexander Mann Solutions, there were some solutions they presented to us that we wanted to deploy and so I think that was really helpful in terms of understanding they had done all of that heavy lifting and the work involved to whittle down the ones we wanted to work with. So we focused on the areas that we knew we wanted to fix, enhance or evolve. I would just say my mantra at the moment is it's not about tech, it's actually just about getting the basics right.