Cracking the Code to Attract High-Demand Tech Talent

Geeta Sood, Head of Talent at Skimlinks and Emma Jane Finnegan, EMEA Customer Success Lead from Seen by Indeed articulated the importance of employer branding in making your business appealing to both internal and external candidates.

"For us, employer branding is not just about employing the talent but ensuring we retain the talent." - Geeta.

Geeta spoke on how strengthening their brand and strengthening their EVP was one of the turning points in successful talent acquisition. This can be done through means such as improving links with universities to gain access to a wider pool of appropriate hires.

Geeta stressed the importance of following the candidate experience and offering constructive feedback to them throughout the process. Additionally, she explained how they concentrate on soft skills as opposed to hard skills. This means taking more of a whole-person approach to candidates, partly in nature due to the technologies being particularly niche so hard skills being harder to find. It is this candidate-centred approach which builds the EVP at Skimlinks and enhances both the working culture and chances of retention both of which are intrinsic to their EVP.

Having an internal focus might also help you in recruiting the tech talent you want.

This is also conducive to retention and will help to build a clear career path for existing employees. At Skimlinks, they do not hire candidates whom they do not believe they can offer a career path for.

Emma then leads on to discuss Seen by Indeed (formally Indeed Prime) and their rebranding journey. Seen by Indeed is a tech-matching platform online available via subscription and showcases skilled tech candidates to employers, facilitating the process of hard-to-fill tech vacancies being filled by the right candidates.

The matching process is now more restrictive and accurate, and its focus is to see the potential of candidates and where they are going rather than dwelling solely on their past experience.

"What we're hoping what this does for candidates is to offer them opportunities they might not have seen before but also allow us to walk stride for stride with that candidate."